Chapwani IslandWelcome to Chapwani Island! We are a fan site and information resource for the beautiful Chapwani Private Island in Zanzibar.

Chapwani Private island is the perfect spot for those seeking a small quiet lodge with good food on a beautiful peaceful beach with Stone Town and all its facilities just 15 minutes away by boat. From this site you can book your stay through the operator’s own European travel Company, House of Wonders.

There are only five bandas with a total of ten rooms right on the beach. The rooms are not large but are comfortable, with a spacious bathroom and separate toilet. They are decorated with colourful African prints and furnished with traditional local furniture and four poster beds. You will not find many deals or discounts, this is a remote location unlike some US based travel destinations like Nevada that offers hundreds of Las Vegas coupons and promotions.

The restaurant on the water’s edge provides a unique blend of Oriental, African and European cuisine using local ingredients fresh from the market.

Island Overview

The island is some 800 metres long and 200 metres wide and is surrounded by small coves with white sandy beaches and coral reefs. The thick tropical vegetation of baobabs, palm trees and passion fruits, harbours a small historic graveyard and rich wild-life including a herd of indigenous Duiker Chapwani (miniature antelopes). Some people have made reviews similar to islands in Belize.

The size of the island, the few guests (maximum 20) and the choice of small coves means that each person can find total privacy.

For much of the day the island is excellent for swimming and when the tide goes out you can explore the life on the coral reef and the neighbouring islands.

At night Stone town, with its 40 mosques is a show of colors, lights and distant sounds.

The partners, including the owners of House of Wonders, are of different nationalities: French, English, Italian and Zanzibari. For all of us the island is a dream come true.

Official site for rates, bookings, and more can be found at:  Chapwaniisland-Zanzibar.com

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